Shingle & Gibb Automation and Dodge: Raptor Couplings

Shingle & Gibb Automation and Dodge: Raptor Couplings

Coupling maintenance and reliability should not monopolize your maintenance team. The Dodge® Raptor Coupling eliminates these concerns.

With patented WingLock™ technology, the Raptor offers:

  • A decrease in total cost of ownership
  • Extension of driven equipment life
  • Drop-in interchangeability
  • Innovative design with easier assembly & installation, reduced maintenance and improved reliability

The Raptor’s easy to assemble, patented split natural rubber element significantly decreases total costs of ownership and extends driven equipment life. Built for drop-in interchangeability, the Raptor features an innovative design offering easier installation, reduced maintenance, and improved reliability in a wide range of new and existing applications.

And now Dodge has made a good thing even better by offering the Raptor in even larger sizes.

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