Tosibox Products Now Available from Shingle & Gibb Automation

Tosibox Products Now Available from Shingle & Gibb Automation

TOSIBOX patented Plug & Go technology is the world’s first, patented hardware based remote access solution. TOSIBOX creates a fully secure remote connection between devices. The infrastructure is set up within a few minutes, and does not require special IT skills. Also, management of devices and user groups is remarkably easy. Moreover, the connection is always formed in the same standardised manner. The construction of remote access infrastructure has never been so easy.

TOSIBOX is infinitely scalable. TOSIBOX technology enables real-time data collection, and provides a cost-effective and easily expandable solution in which the infrastructure expands at the same pace as your business.

TOSIBOX works anywhere in the world with all types of devices regardless of the operators and type of internet connection. You can manage your devices anywhere and be sure that your connection is always reliable.

TOSIBOX is globally audited, patented and performs at the highest security levels in the industry. It’s not a cloud service, but a direct VPN tunnel between the physical devices. Only trusted devices can access the network. The data between devices is not discharged at any time, but always runs along its own private highway. The data cannot be accessed with passwords alone, but a physical key is always required. All of the users and keys are managed from a single console. So you can be sure that your network and data will remain encrypted and secure.

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