Custom Rail Assemblies from Weidmuller

Custom Rail Assemblies from Weidmuller

Through Weidmuller, Shingle & Gibb Automation is pleased to now be able to deliver a complete suite of custom solutions built to customer specific requirements.

When a standard product doesn’t address the particular needs of your application, or you can’t commit the internal resources required for a quick turnaround, Weidmuller’s Design-Build-Deliver Services and Solutions is your answer.

Design-Build-Deliver involves a multi-tiered relationship between Weidmuller’s Design Engineers, Quality Engineers, Application Engineers and you. This unique relationship—design engineer to design engineer—ensures that every aspect of the project meets your requirements and is designed, built and delivered according to your specifications, budget, and schedule.

Component Parts to DIN Rail

The design and application of interface products is their business at Weidmuller. They are experts at managing every detail, including:

  • Rail design using their RailDesigner Software
  • DIN-rail assembly and wiring of assemblies
  • Specifying products for a full range of applications
  • Custom marking
  • Packaging and special product kitting
  • Custom PCB product design and development

Weidmuller can even customize the rail itself if necessary – services include custom holes, studs and threaded nuts as well as surface treatments and special packaging.

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