Siemens Scalance X-200 Industrial Ethernet Switches

Siemens Scalance X-200 Industrial Ethernet Switches

The Siemens Scalance X-200 Industrial Ethernet Switches can be used for a variety of applications, from machine level up to networked units.

The SCALANCE XC-200 Industrial Ethernet switches offer many functions: Virtual LANs (VLAN), redundancy mechanisms and optional complete PROFINET or Ethernet/IP diagnostics in one device.


  • Flexibility due to freely selectable SFP transceivers, depending on the cable length and performance that is needed
  • Many FW functions allow flexible options for using the switches
  • Use in areas with harsh environmental conditions
  • Use in new markets/industries when manufacturer-neutral controllers are used
  • Easy diagnostics in existent WLAN
  • Many mounting options for quick and convenient mounting
  • Permitted for rail operations (trackside)
  • Wide range of additional permits for worldwide operation in a variety of areas



The unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches of the SCALANCE XB-000 line allow cost-effective solutions for setting up small, electrical/optical star or line topologies with switching functionality in machines or plant units. The enclosure is designed for space-saving installation in a control cabinet on a standard rail.




The SCALANCE XB-200 Industrial Ethernet switches are simple, low-cost Industrial Ethernet switches that contain the necessary software functionalities for automation with various protocols. The devices with degree of protection IP20 are designed for operation in the control cabinet.


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