Rittal Climate Solutions

Rittal Climate Solutions

Defend and extend the life of your electronics

Heat is the enemy of extending the life of your electronics. Heat attacks your equipment from all sides: on the outside with extreme variations in ambient temperatures and inside with high thermal loads caused by the high density of components within the enclosure. The challenge is to manage temperatures consistently on both ends of the thermal spectrum in any environment.

Rittal industrial climate solutions lengthen the life of your components, optimize performance and reduce equipment failure. Time is money, and uptime ensures your operations are profitable.

Rittal advanced climate control technology is your defense. Our methodical approach ensures the internal temperature is stable and heat-related incidents or costly shutdowns are avoided. Rittal responds to your bottom line demands with a variety of engineered solutions, including exchangers, coolers and air conditioners that handle heat dissipation. Our high efficiency units offer passive and active cooling technology that save up to 70% in energy costs. These innovative thermal management systems are available only from Rittal.

The right industrial climate solution

With Rittal, you get certified solutions that have been field-proven to handle the most challenging industrial environments around the world. Every day, across the globe, Rittal is there. From audit to design to manufacturing, we work closely with you to deliver the right solution.

Rittal products meet the highest internationally recognized quality standards

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All components of Rittal products are subjected to the most stringent testing in accordance with international standards and regulations. The consistently high product quality is ensured by a comprehensive quality management system. Regular product inspections by external test institutes guarantee compliance with global standards.

Rittal is the only supplier in the world to deliver its entire range of enclosure cooling units tested to the latest DIN EN standard. All TopTherm cooling units in the output range from 300 to 4,000 W are tested to the DIN EM 14511:2012-01 standard by the independent test institute TÜV NORD, and are authorized to carry the relevant test mark for the entire series. This testing assures you that Rittal provides:

  • Cooling units that are guaranteed to provide the cooling output you have paid for, giving you complete confidence when designing your

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    climate control solution.

  • Verified cooling outputs that are up to 10% higher than previously claimed.
  • Improved Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  • Commitment to annual voluntary inspections

Rittal is ready with a complete line of climate products:

  • Filter Fans
  • TopTherm Air-to-Air Heat Exchangers
  • Thermoelectric Coolers

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  • TopTherm Blue e Wall-mounted Air Conditioners
  • Blue e+ Wall-mounted Air Conditioners
  • TopTherm Air-to-Water Heat Exchangers
  • Top Therm Chillers
  • Enclosure Heaters

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