QS18 Electronic Adjustable Field Sensor from Banner

QS18 Electronic Adjustable Field Sensor from Banner

Banner Engineering’s newest addition to the popular QS18 Series product family is an electronic adjustable field background suppression sensor with barrel mount. Electronic adjustment provides a more robust optical design by eliminating moving parts, such as lenses. The industry standard housing provides simple and consistent installation and bracket standardization.

Adjust Background Suppression Limits Electronically: The new QS18 uses a photodiode array that allows sensing ranges to be adjusted with a potentiometer or remotely via IO-Link. The array replaces traditional mechanical lenses for more robust sensing in high-vibration applications.

Standard Housing: The QS18 electronic adjustable field sensor uses industry-standard barrel mount housing for easy installation into new or existing applications.

IO-Link Compatible: IO-Link communication allows operators to remotely teach the setpoint and lock the potentiometer for added flexibility and ease of use.

Two Different Versions for Best Application Performance: The new sensors come in both a 250 mm maximum range model and a 120 mm maximum range model.

  • 250 mm is optimized for higher excess gain and long distances
  • 120 mm is optimized with a smaller, rectangular spot size for better performance on targets with many color transitions

The QS18 electronic adjustable field photoelectric sensor reliably detect packaging, labels, boxes, material handling applications, automotive applications, and more.

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