IoT interface for Blue e+ Cooling Units from Rittal

IoT interface for Blue e+ Cooling Units from Rittal

IoT interface – allows devices and systems to communicate face to face.

Cooling units can be equipped with a wide range of communication technology and are playing an increasingly important role in Industry 4.0. Seamless communication between sensors inside the cooling unit and cloud-based systems is opening up opportunities for new applications. Essential to these applications are IoT- capable devices such as the new cooling units and chillers in the Rittal Blue e+ climate control product offering.

Remotely-accessed devices and predictive maintenance are based on the provision of data and networked communications. For this to happen, IoT-compatible devices equipped with the necessary communication options are required. With our Blue e+ platform and the new IoT interface, Rittal is laying the foundation for the optimal integration of cooling
units and chillers in Industry 4.0 applications. This makes continuous communication from the sensor to the cloud possible, as well as connection to external monitoring or energy management systems.

Rittal’s IoT interface supports; OPC-UA, Profinet, SNMP, Modbus TCP and CANopen – allowing climate control solutions to be easily integrated into IoT applications and paving the way for new applications and smart service solutions.

  • With the CMC sensors and the IoT interface, temperature, humidity, access, smoke, energy and many other physical environmental parameters can be monitored.
  • The system has a modular structure and can be easily adapted to the monitoring.
  • Network monitoring and automation of security processes provide benefits such as improved machine availability and reduced maintenance costs.

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