Cellular Networking Solutions from Red Lion

Cellular Networking Solutions from Red Lion

Every business strives to protect revenue, as well as ensure up-time and availability for customers. The oil and gas, alternative energy, power, utilities, water and waste water spaces face unique challenges when working toward these goals. They must achieve seamless connectivity, regardless of expansive territories, asset age and types of communication technology. Using cellular networking to build smart remote sites overcomes many infrastructure, financial and safety barriers.

Today’s energy and utility companies operate in competitive, closely scrutinized business environments. These organizations must adhere to stringent regulatory requirements to prevent downtime for customers. When equipment fails, the resulting downtime leads to immediate financial and safety consequences. As competitive forces grow and business demands intensify, companies can capitalize on the benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to improve their processes and data assets. Companies require more consistency, better visibility of networks, reduction of waste and loss, and increased compliance with regulatory requirements. Smart technology has the ability to connect all devices and control systems. It also delivers the visibility to collect and analyze data from both new and legacy devices.

High-availability smart sites can:

  • Minimize or eliminate unscheduled downtime
  • Reduce time to repair
  • Provide continuous operation, regardless of communication
  • Increase visibility of equipment and sites
  • Prevent unsafe conditions
  • Comply with increasing regulatory conformity

Smart remote sites connected by cellular networking deliver advanced access to existing RTUs, PLCs, HMIs and process control equipment. They use an easy-to-configure solution integrated into a single, cellular automation device.

Energy and utility companies need a reliable partner to take on cellular networking implementation. Red Lion Controls has the experience and technology to purpose-build cellular networking programs within these unique, industrial environments. Their expertise leverages key elements of remote monitoring and control, including serial-to-IP conversion, simplified packaging, cloud connectivity, rapid deployment and more.

Red Lion is at the forefront of cellular networking solutions with its Sixnet® series RAM® 6000 and 9000 industrial cellular RTUs, as well as the RAMQTT, Red Lion’s native message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) client.

Red Lion’s RAM RTUs combine a built-in Modbus gateway and state-of-the-art firewall with full router functionality and 4G LTE cellular connectivity. This design provides a compact, industrially hardened device. It is easily implemented and does not disturb the existing environment. Customers who need
connectivity with a low cost of deployment benefit from the Sixnet® series, which provides access to common IIoT platforms.

Additionally, application customization is optional via an integrated SDK. RAMQTT reduces deployment and configuration complexities involved with IIoT integrations. It simplifies implementation with pre-configured profiles for AT&T® M2X, Amazon® AWSTM IoT, Cumulocity, Microsoft® Azure®, Nokia Impact and Telenor Connexion. Red Lion’s MQTT client allows users to be up and running in less than two minutes per device. Building unmatched intelligence into a single cellular networking platform provides an optimal solution to connect, monitor and control systems and processes at smart remote sites.

To download the Red Lion whitepaper “Turn Remote Sites into Smart Remote Sites”, click here

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