New Ultra Compact Safety Light Curtains

New Ultra Compact Safety Light Curtains

Banner’s shortest, most compact safety light curtains, the SLC4 Series, are now available in 240 mm and 320 mm models. These new safety light curtains join the 160 mm models to provide users with even more options for safeguarding points of access and operation on compact machines and in space-constrained areas.

  • Defined area heights of 160 mm, 240 mm, and 320 mm
  • Low-profile, compact package for smaller production machines
  • End-to-end sensing design eliminates blind zones
  • 14 mm (finger detection) or 24 mm (hand detection) resolution models
  • Highly immune to EMI, RFI, ambient light and strobe light


Housing/Enclosure Construction: Sturdy interior aluminum housing with IP65 polycarbonate enclosure

Alignment & Diagnostics: Bi color red/green status indicator shows if power is applied, and if safety outputs are ON or OFF. Intuitive bi-color red/green alignment and blocked zone indicator lights

Connection: Integral 300 mm (1′) M12 4-pin QD Pigtail included


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