SIRIUS 3RQ3 Coupling Relay from Siemens

SIRIUS 3RQ3 Coupling Relay from Siemens

The compact, space saving coupling relay in a new design

SIRIUS 3RQ3 Coupling Relays come into their own when standard controllers with their inputs and outputs reach their limits. Whether they are used for isolation or the transmission of signals from one circuit to another, coupling relays also contribute to controller overvoltage protection. Anywhere controllers are used – whether in factory or process automation applications – coupling relays add real added-value. The SIRIUS 3RQ3 coupling relays should be your first choice when it comes to isolating circuits, converting voltage levels or amplifying control signals. With a width of just 6.2 mm and a low overall depth and height, they are ideally suited for installation in control cabinets with tight space requirements resulting from narrow tier spacing or in flat switchboxes.

SIRIUS 3RQ3 coupling relays feature a slim, compact design with semiconductor output. SIRIUS 3RQ3 coupling relays can be wired simply and efficiently and offer screw-type and spring-loaded terminals (push-in technology) as well as an integrated jumper option for all potentials.

Easy looping through of voltages-Plug-in combo-type jumpers for all terminals:

  • Reduce wiring overhead
  • Put an end to tangled cables

With semiconductor output:

  • Long electrical service life
  • Large number of switching cycles
  • Maximum contact reliability
  • High DC switching capacity
  • Short switching times
  • Noise free switching

Typical Applications:

  • Isolation
  • Voltage conversion, e.g. from 24 V DC to 230 V AC
  • Signal amplification
  • General relay control
  • Controller overvoltage and EMC protection



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