Siemens G120X

Siemens G120X



Optimized for infrastructure applications – master every challenge

Siemens has introduced their G120X drive: an “infrastructure” drive targeted for pump, fan & compressor applications in the Water & Wastewater (W&WW), HVAC, irrigation/agriculture & industrial chiller/refrigeration segments.

The SINAMICS G120X is simple, seamless, cost & energy efficient, robust, reliable and fit for digitalization. It easily integrates into existing applications, works with any standard motor (induction, synchronous and synchronous reluctance motor) and can be configured for cost-optimization and resource-saving operation which ultimately helps reduce total cost of ownership. It meets all the latest industry standards with regard to energy efficiency and product safety.

Features that bring new levels of simplicity & reliability

  • Wide power and voltage ranges up to 700 hp (630 kW) with same look, feel and user interface
  • Fast and simple ordering process with a single catalog number to order a complete drive with control unit and a high resolution graphical color keypad
  • Operator Panel (IOP-2) – in a single box
  • Simple setup on the IOP-2 to run a motor of matching power rating

Cost & Energy Efficiency

  • Integral DC choke eliminates the requirement of an external line reactor
  • Designed to deliver constant power at a current according to NEC table 430.250 at 3AC 480V and 600V, and at an operating temperature of 45ºC without derating, and up to 60 ºC (55 ºC with PROFINET, EtherNet/IP™ version) with derating
  • Increased motor cable lengths up to 450 meters (1476 ft)1without output choke or filter
  • New design feature enables UL Open Type / IP20 drive in to push through type using an optional add-on Push-Through (PT) kit 2, which reduces or eliminates need for cabinet fans, associated components and wiring, and also facilitates cost efficient NEMA / UL Type 1, 12 or 3R designs with an appropriately NEMA / UL-rated external enclosure

Significant time savings

  • Control unit has been designed to:
    • Accept 16 AWG wire with removable connectors for fast & easy control wiring via pre-manufactured wiring harness
    • Allow 2x wire connections per terminal for certain terminals for ease of connections
  • Frame sizes A-C are designed to fit in the standard MCC plug-in type bucket

Robust & reliable

  • Optional “special” coating (Class 3C3) on the power boards for operation in harsh environments (where corrosive gases such as Hydrogen Sulfide are present)
  • Improved EMC and grid (harmonics) due to integral DC choke (FSA-FSG, up to 400 hp/250 kW)
  • Standard warranty 24 months and an additional 6 months with product registration

Dedicated to targeted solutions

  • Built-in features and functions dedicated to industrial pump, fan and compressor applications
  • Provides enhanced product safety through UL61800-5-1 certification up to 100kA SCCR which makes SINAMICS G120X exclusive in the industry for the focused segments – i.e, industrial pump, fan and compressor, water/wastewater, HVAC and irrigation markets
  • Hardware based SIL3 rated Safe Torque with a switch to activate or deactivate this safety function

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