New Features for Banner LTF Series Laser Sensors

New Features for Banner LTF Series Laser Sensors

Banner Engineering has released recent improvements to the LTF Series laser sensors simplify setup, enable remote monitoring, and increase reliability in challenging applications.

Remote Configuration and Monitoring: LTF sensors are now compatible with our Remote Sensor Display (RSD). The RSD stores up to six configurations to facilitate product changeover and simplify device replacement. It can remain in-line to monitor sensors or it can be removed after configuration. This affects LTF sensors with the date code 1419 and after. You can also check the information menu for firmware version 4.0 or newer.

Increased Immunity to Shock and Vibration: LTF Series laser measurement sensors now feature a fully potted inductor which increases the shock specification from 30 G to 100 G. This upgrade ensures that the LTF will perform reliably when used on heavy-duty equipment and in rigorous environments.
User Configurable Hysteresis: You can now set the switch point hysteresis for all LTF Series sensors for web tension, fill level, pump-in / pump-out applications.

High-performance LTF Series Sensors detect targets regardless of color, material or sheen from up to 24 meters away, straight-on or at an angle.

  • Analog and discrete or dual discrete outputs for measuring and detection applications
  • Best in class combination of range, repeatability and accuracy enable highly reliable target detection and precise distance measurement
  • Two-line, eight-character display and pushbutton programming for easy setup, troubleshooting and real-time distance measuring
  • Durable IP67 housing, high ambient light immunity and stable performance across temperatures provide reliable performance in challenging environments
  • Advanced options, including delay timers, advanced triggered measurement modes and cross-talk avoidance
  • Available in models with IO-Link communication which enables remote configuration and monitoring and simplifies wiring, preventative maintenance, and device replacement

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