ATOM RFID Safety Interlock from Fortress

ATOM RFID Safety Interlock from Fortress

ATOM is a compact and ultra-robust RFID high coded solenoid interlocking device. As typical with products from Fortress Interlocks, ATOM is externally approved and is suitable for applications up to PLe (Cat. 4). The metal housing and high retention force then suits ATOM for heavier industry applications.

High misalignment in the self-centering actuator covers any movement and inaccuracy in hinged and sliding door machine guarding. Additionally, ATOM’s head has an open design manufactured in stainless steel to prevent dust, dirt and corrosion from impacting performance.

Available in multiple hardware variants, the device can be configured for applications where hazards persist after machinery is powered off. Multiple units can also be connected together with OSSD (Output Signal Switching Device)functionality preventing fault masking. The Large LED lens at the base provides clear state indication from all angles and at a distance.


  • Solenoid Controlled Interlock
  • High-Coded RFID
  • Robust Actuator design with high locking and retention force (8kN)
  • Ultra compact mounting footprint, easy to mount with 2 x M5 screws
  • Safeguarding application up to PLe and SIL3 rating
  • Provides OSSD outputs with Daisy-Chain connection, connects up to 8 ATOMs in series
  • High Mechanical Misalignment
  • Compact design for installation in discreet locations
  • Sealed to IP65 and IP67


  • Access only when you decide
  • Prevents actuator substitution
  • Withstands guard doors being forced open
  • Fits neatly on your aluminium profiles
  • You can use it on your most dangerous machines
  • Reducing your installation costs
  • Allows for wider guarding positioning
  • Install it out of the way
  • You can use it in harsh environments
  • Complete confidence in the product

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