Banner CM Series Monitoring Nodes

Banner CM Series Monitoring Nodes

Banner Engineering introduces CM Series Condition Monitoring Nodes

Monitor electric motors on three critical indicators of performance and health without the hassle and expense of installing, altering, or expanding wired infrastructure to connect devices. The CM Series condition monitoring node communicates vibration, temperature, and current draw data from a VT1 sensor and a current transformer to a Performance Series Gateway or DXM wireless controller over a secure, robust Sure Cross wireless network.

Key Benefits

The CM Series condition monitoring node combines a wireless radio, antenna, and battery power supply in one compact and easy to deploy wireless device. Included with the node is a 20 amp and a 150 amp current transformer. The node comes preconfigured and prewired to work with the current transformer and a VT1 vibration and temperature sensor: simply connect one or both devices and begin communicating.

Use CM Series condition monitoring nodes with our Wireless Solutions Kit for vibration and current monitoring for an easy-to-deploy IIoT solution. Or create your own IIoT solution using the condition monitoring nodes, a DXM Series wireless controller, and our Connected Data Solutions cloud software. These solutions make it easy to access and analyze data from each node in the network, establish performance baselines and thresholds, identify trends and issues, and make better decisions.

The CM node makes condition monitoring simple by measuring vibration and current with a single wireless communication device. Users can monitor the general health and performance of their equipment as well as specific components, such as motor bearings, brushes, and windings. The node can also be used to verify that equipment is ON or OFF, track energy use, and identify power surges.

The CM Series node can be used to monitor the current draw and vibration of machines in a wide range of applications to:

  • Expose machine performance issues
  • Identify equipment requiring full spectrum analysis
  • Establish more strategic scheduling of equipment maintenance

The high level of activity at a manufacturing plant can make it difficult to get a complete view of everything that is happening in real time. IIoT solutions from Banner Engineering provide companies with greater visibility into their operations by enabling access to critical performance and production data, making it easy to solve problems, identify trends, and make better, data driven decisions. Watch the video to learn more.

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