Turck RU50 Eco Ultrasonic Sensors

Turck RU50 Eco Ultrasonic Sensors

Turck expanded its range of ultrasonic sensors with the RU50 Eco series by adding analog variants to the existing switching versions. With a plastic threaded barrel and a sensing range of 500 mm, the sensors are a cost-effective, high-performance detection solution for industrial applications such as tote or container detection, level monitoring, packaging applications and more.

Based on the latest sonic transducer technology, this ultrasonic sensor maintains the high quality of Turck’s sensor line despite its price. The devices are in a plastic threaded housing made of highly durable liquid crystal polymer (LCP); the translucent end cap with an M12 connector is made of Ultem plastic. Both plastics have proven durability over long periods of use based on other Turck products.

The RU50 Eco sensors are currently available with analog as well as switching outputs. Users can choose between an M12 electrical connector or a 2m cable. The translucent end cap also offers the benefit of 360 degree visibility of the switch condition of the sensor.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimum price/performance ratio
  • Easy to use
  • Robust sensors in a plastic housing with integrated LED display
  • Sensing range 500mm
  • M12 electrical connector or a 2m cable
  • Diffuse & retro-reflective switching with PNP or NPN outputs
  • Smooth sonic transducer face
  • Switch point adjustable via teach-in
  • LED status display integrated in the connector

Application Examples

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