Securing Your Industrial Network with Moxa

Securing Your Industrial Network with Moxa

Securing Your Industrial Network

Industrial networks are connecting to the internet and as a result, they are becoming increasingly complex and vulnerable to cybersecurity attacks. Whether you are running an audit of your network or upgrading from legacy devices, it is important to look for solutions with enhanced security features based on IEC 62443 such as user authentication, data encryption, and access control.

Moxa offers an array of hardened devices pre-installed with security features and network management software that allows you to view the security status of your network.

Moxa provides the building blocks that are required to develop robust wired and wireless backbone networks for a variety of applications and industries, including manufacturing, rail, power, and oil and gas. Their products are distinguished by their innovative features that have been created through extensive expertise. Moxa’s solutions optimize network performance, reinforce cybersecurity, ensure interoperability, provide seamless mobility, and include easy-to-use network management tools that enhance reliability across various industrial environments.

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