Introducing the Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface from Banner Engineering

Introducing the Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface from Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering takes the wireless pendant to a whole new level with the Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface.  In a busy factory, good communication is challenging, yet critical to maintaining a steady workflow that optimizes production.  The scenario often involves supervisors providing direction to their workers, employees that need additional parts, and maintenance requests or assistance.  With various factors taking place simultaneously in many cases, it’s no wonder communication can be challenging.  Banner’s wireless Direct Select, bound to a DXM controller, provides two-way communication in a battery powered, completely autonomous device.  It includes a multi-color capacitive touch button, numerical display, and four tactile push buttons offering easy to use scroll and select functions.  The Direct Select is a perfect solution for mobile picking operations, call for parts, wireless bin/cart status notification and a multitude of other applications.


  • Deploy easily – simplify installation on existing equipment and remote locations where a wired solution is impractical
  • Peel & stick – battery powered with no wiring needed
  • Two-way communication – node can send information back to the controller for short or missing items
  • Multi-colored indication – active control for more than one operator or product using different colors
  • Flexible interface – enable increment/decrement as well as other commands
  • Compatibility – use the numerical LCD to display status from other Banner sensors & nodes (i.e. temperature, tank level)

Key Features

Improve efficiency with better communication:

  • Operator interaction anywhere in a facility
  • Reduce mistakes by directing operators where to go
  • Ideal for mobile applications
  • Multicolor Capacitive Touch Indicator – Capable of up to 8 colors
  • 3-Digit (0-999) numerical display
  • Up to two-year battery life
  • DIP switch configurable


  • Call for parts/service/pickup
  • Operator guidance
  • Pick to light
  • Put to light
  • Mobile equipment

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