New Capabilities Make it Easy to Set Up Multiple Safety Controllers

New Capabilities Make it Easy to Set Up Multiple Safety Controllers

Banner Engineering has extended their configuration capabilities to their entire line of safety controllers, including the SC26 AND XS26 safety controllers with a FID 3 (or higher) feature identification number running version 4.2.0 (or higher) of the Banner safety controller software.

This enables a user to configure the line of safety controllers using an SC-XM3 external drive.  Apply a configuration to multiple safety controllers to get machines up and running quickly, or you can apply it to a single safety controller for an easy swapout in the field.


Quickly Configure Multiple Safety Controllers

  • Write the configuration for your safety system only once.  Save it to the SC-XM3 external drive and load it to any addition safety controllers that should be configured the same way.
  • The configuration, network settings, and passwords will automatically download to the controller.
  • This allows a single user to quickly configure multiple safety controllers without a PC.

Simplify Device Swapout

  • Backup your safety system configuration to the SC-XM3 external drive, label it accordingly, and store it in the micro USB slot on the safety controller.
  • When the time comes for a replacement safety controller, simply load and apply the saved configuration without the need for safety system expertise.

Error-Proof Deployments

  • The SC-XM3 external drive eliminates the need to rewrite identical configurations for additional or replacement safety controllers thereby ensuring consistency from controller to controller.
  • Save tested and perfected configurations to the SC-XM3 and reapply them without the risk of introducing an error into the configuration.

Safety Controller Software

Banner Engineering’s free safety controller software is compatible with the XS26 Series, SC26 Series, and SC10 Series safety controllers.  The software provides a seamless user interface for setting up and managing safety systems, including an intuitive icon-based, drag-and-drop user interface to reduce the learning curve and speed up commissioning.

Watch this quick video explaining how to use Banner’s safety controller GUI to easily set up a simple safety system in less than 2 minutes.

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