Monitor Vibration & Temperature on Fillers to Avoid Downtime

Monitor Vibration & Temperature on Fillers to Avoid Downtime

Are you the one in charge of making sure the filler machines on your production floor perform consistently in order to optimize production volumes, quality, and time?  How much lost production would you suffer if one of your fillers failed unexpectedly?  With vibration monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions from Banner Engineering, you don’t have to let that happen.  Banner Engineering’s IP69 Washdown Vibration Sensor continuously monitors the vibration on your filler machines helping to detect problems earlier.  This allows you to order replacement parts before it fails, reducing any downtime and costs, and preventing extensive damage.  Preventing problems before they happen not only increases your machine uptime, but it also allows you to plan maintenance for your machines more efficiently.

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • The main bearings on your machines can cost $40 – $100K for parts
  • The cost of replacement parts (motors, gearboxes) reduces your spare parts inventory and may require long lead times
  • Unexpected failures can take days to repair

Here's how vibration monitoring can help!

  • Banner sensors continuously monitor key vibration characteristics to detect problems early and schedule repairs without disrupting your production
  • Reliable wireless connectivity reduces the cost and time of installation
  • Monitor your machines remotely and have visibility into the equipment health anywhere and anytime
  • Can communicate with Banner CDS cloud services, third party software analytics platforms, or directly to a PLC
  • It’s easy to expand it to other equipment such as air compressors, exhaust fans and conveyors

How do Wireless Vibration Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance Solutions from Banner Engineering work?

Check out this video from Banner Engineering where they explain how their solution continuously monitors for temperature & vibration changes.

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