An Absolute Encoder with PROFINET by EPC

An Absolute Encoder with PROFINET by EPC

EPC recognizes the need to keep their components up to speed with technology as more and more industrial applications switch to Industrial Ethernet.  As a result, they’ve introduced Absolute Encoders with both EtherCAT and PROFINET communication protocols, including Model A58HE and Model A58SE.  These two models are Ethernet-ready, multi-turn absolute encoders designed for harsh factory and plant environments.  These absolute encoders from Encoder Products Company are specifically suited for applications where Ethernet-based connectivity is required and the encoder has to retain absolute position information after power-off events.

Key Features

  • EtherCAT Deterministic Communication or PROFINET Communication
  • Multi-turn resolution up to 43 bits
  • Single turn resolution up to 16 bits
  • 58 mm diameter housing
  • Bores sizes up to 0.375″ or 15 mm
  • Shaft diameters up to 0.375” or 12 mm
  • Durable magnetic technology
  • Proven turns counting technology with no gears or batteries
  • Operating temperature range of -40° C to 85° C
  • Sealing rating of IP65


  • Easily designed into a wide variety of applications
  • Incredibly versatile mechanically
  • High accuracy giving you accurate motion feedback every time
  • Continuous digital position monitoring
  • Ability to retain absolute position after a power outage
  • Meet CE/EMC Standards for Immunity and Emissions
  • Work in various configurations, including bus, ring, and star configurations that can continue communication in event of a line break

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