LS-5 Liquid Level Sensor from Turck

LS-5 Liquid Level Sensor from Turck

The LS-5 is a programmable sensor that is used to measure liquid level in metal or plastic containers. The sensor shows the measured liquid level on an integrated display while the programmable analog and switching outputs communicate critical process information to a control system.

The LS-5 sensor generates a low power electromagnetic pulse that is conducted down the probe. When this pulse contacts a liquid, a portion of that pulse is reflected back to the sensor. The time it takes for this pulse to be transmitted down the probe and reflected back is captured and then converted into a linear distance. This technology is also known as guided wave radar.


  • Liquid level detection for both metallic and non-metallic vessels
  • Output: 4-20 mA/ 0 – 10 V and switching PNP or NPN
  • No moving parts
  • Probes can be cut to length to ensure correct insertion depth
  • IO-Link 1.1
  • Sensing probe ignores deposits
  • Suitable for small vessels and difficult vessel geometries
  • Minimal programming setup required
  • One sensor for both point and continuous level control
  • Easy-to-use programming parameters to counter application factors that would render other level sensing technologies unsuitable
  • Accessories available to accommodate non-metallic vessels and low dielectric constant fluids


  • Controlling hydraulic level: In demanding hydraulic applications, leaks and hose ruptures are common. The low oil levels that result from these failures can cause performance problems in downstream equipment that can result in downtime and quality problems. Extreme cases of low oil level can lead to pump failure, which will always result in costly downtime. The LS-5 sensor with an optional coaxial tube acts as a stilling well to minimize the influence of internal turbulence.
  • Monitoring the level of coolant: Machining operations rely on coolant to maintain the quality of the finished parts. The coolant also protects the cutting tools from wear and damage caused by excessive heat build-up. For these reasons, it is important to ensure the cooling lubricant level is properly monitored. The LS-5 liquid level sensor reliably monitors the level of these coolants even in the presence of foam and contaminants. The sensor provides high and low level alarms as well as analog level for advanced monitoring.
  • Monitoring detergent level: Automated washing systems are used in many industries to remove undesirable contaminants from products. At the heart of these systems is often a water-based solution containing cleaning detergent. Maintaining liquid level in these systems not only ensures the parts are being cleaned but also protects the equipment. Low liquid level can create cavitation within the pumps, resulting in low pressure from the spray nozzles. With its ability to ignore foam in addition to corrosion resistant wetted materials, the LS-5 liquid level sensor provides an easy-to-apply solution in these applications.

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