Workplace Safety in this New Era

Workplace Safety in this New Era

The COVID-19 public health emergency has created challenges for organizations in the area of workplace safety. Banner Engineering has developed two solutions that help with a social distancing safety routine as well as routine disinfection of common areas.

Signal Safety

COVID-19 is a stress test for the economy, but for your workers or customers the constant consideration of social distancing can distract them from their task at hand. Solve an immediate need as work and life require distance.

  • Clarity and certainty for a worker or customer looking to enter a space
  • Manual oversight reduced/eliminated for immediate return on investment
  • Monitor traffic in an area, notify if too many people enter an area
  • Indication options: change color fully or visually count down to activity: good to enter, getting close to full, full— please wait
  • Optional analytics and report generation
  • No wiring required—plug and play installation

Clean Work Areas

With a wireless peel-and-stick solution, Banner Engineering has created tested and trusted monitoring and indication for industrial surface cleaning. In this era of COVID-19, create and maintain a clean, confident work culture.

Opt for low-cost, highly effective automation:

  • Easy set up of equipment and customization of your cleaning schedule
  • Indicator lights notify workers for cleaning, provide visual assurance of a clean area
  • Materials resistant to cleaning chemicals; industrial, rugged housing
  • Set schedules for more cleaning at peak times or by workcell area types (conveyors vs. common areas)
  • Analytics and report generation for compliance

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