Turck PT1500 Pressure Sensor

Turck PT1500 Pressure Sensor

The PT1500 is a low-pressure transmitter that is designed to measure gas or liquid pressure.  The transmitter converts the applied pressure to a linear analog signal for use in a control system.

Key Features & Benefits

Pressure ranges as low as 50mbar (0.73psig)

  • Precise readings are required when measuring low pressure. Having the proper scaling ensures the transmitter can deliver maximum accuracy in the application.

Multiple sealing options

  • EPDM, NBR and FPM sealing option enable product compatibility across a wide variety of chemicals.

Flexible product configuration

  • Proven flexibility of our transmitters offers customers a product that fits their individual application.

Key Applications

Liquid Level Measurement

  • 50mbar of pressure is equivalent to a water column of just 20 inches. This product line gives us the opportunity to manage liquid level in very small containers with a high degree of accuracy.

Air Pressure Measurement

  • Measuring downstream pressure of welding and blanketing gasses
  • Monitoring high volume, low pressure air ducting common in industrial manufacturing

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