GAM GPL Zero-Backlash Robotic Gearboxes

GAM GPL Zero-Backlash Robotic Gearboxes

The New Standard in High Precision Gearboxes

GAM’s GPL Series Robotic Planetary Gearbox combines the lowest backlash and high tilting rigidity with vibration-free motion for smooth, controlled motion in robotics and motion control .


  • Zero Backlash ≤ 0.1 arcmin
  • Does not increase over the life of the GPL
  • Lowest lost motion ≤ 0.6 arcmin
  • Design lifetime 20,000 operating hours
  • High tilting and torsional stiffness
  • Lowest level of vibration
  • Lowest breakaway torque
  • Highest efficiency at all speeds > 90%
  • Lowest noise < 65 dB
  • Lowest operating temperature
  • Output side completely sealed


  • Highest precision for your application
  • Superior accuracy even with low torque
  • Extends application life, reduces maintenance costs
  • Better point-to-point accuracy
  • Superior control for continuous motion applications
  • Better controllability, especially over short distances
  • Faster cycle times & lower temperature
  • Can operate in close proximity to operators
  • Longer-life components and S1 duty possible
  • Easier installation, no additional sealing required

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