SINAMICS Safety Integrated from Siemens

SINAMICS Safety Integrated from Siemens

The SINAMICS drive family offers converters for each power and performance level. Not only this, but SINAMICS converters have the safety functions seamlessly integrated in the standard portfolio. The drives are simply linked to SIMATIC, SINUMERIK and SIMOTION controls, and through communication via PROFIsafe, are perfectly harmonized with these. This offers you shorter commissioning times and a higher cost effectiveness thanks to efficient engineering and lower wiring costs.

Integrated Safety Functions

Failsafe drives are characterized by their integrated safety functions, which they provide to the user as possible responses to safety-related events. The Safety Integrated Functions available in Siemens drives are subsequently described. The functional safety of all the functions satisfies the requirements defined in Part 5-2 of the international standard IEC 61800 for variable-speed drive systems. The SBT and SP functions go beyond the scope laid down in IEC 61800-5-2.

Functions to Safely Stop the Drive

Safe torque off (STO)
Safe stop 1 (SS1)
Safe stop 2 (SS2)
Safe operating stop (SOS)

Functions for Safe Brake Management

Safe brake control (SBC)
Safe brake test (SBT)

Functions for Safely Monitoring Drive Motion

Safely-limited speed (SLS)
Safe speed monitor (SSM)
Safe direction (SDI)
Safely-limited acceleration (SLA)

Functions for Safely Monitoring Drive Position

Safely-limited position (SLP)
Safe position (SP)
Safe cam (SCA)

Applications Examples

SINAMICS drives simplify your work decisively – from standalone solutions up to safety functions fully integrated in the automation environment. You can create your safety concept without any complex wiring – instead, safety functions are simply activated. The guided acceptance test, as well as the comprehensive documentation, provide you with user-friendly support when documenting and validating your safe machine. When compared to conventional safety technology, by using SINAMICS Safety Integrated you can save both time and money.

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