SINAMICS G120X Drive Technology from Siemens

SINAMICS G120X Drive Technology from Siemens

SINAMICS G120X specializes in controlling motors that pump water or propel air. Designed for infrastructure, it operates pumps in the water/wastewater, irrigation/agriculture and HVAC industries; compressors in industrial refrigeration markets; and fans in industrial chiller and HVAC applications.

It has a wide power range from 1–700 hp (0.75–630kW) and very wide voltage ranges 3AC 200–240V, 380–480V and 500–690V with operating temperatures from -4º to 140º F (-20º to 60º C) and is available with 3C3 coated circuit boards to withstand hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide in addition to other corrosive gases and harsh environments. The G120X can work with any induction, permanent magnetic and synchronous reluctance motor — mastering every challenge of your customer’s industrial application.

With its robust design, SINAMICS G120X is built for customers who want a drive that is plug-and-play right out-of-the-box. The graphical color keypad (Intelligent operator panel, IOP-2) is harsh-environment-ready with Class 3C3 sealing as a standard. This keypad is easy-to-use and intuitive, walking users through dedicated pump and fan terminology for easy system setup. SINAMICS G120X can also be configured for cost-optimization and resource-saving operation, which ultimately help reduce total cost-of-ownership.

The G120X comes with a standard 24-month warranty that can be extended to 30-months with simple registration, and to a maximum of 7½ years with an optional five years of extended exchange program — keeping Siemens well ahead of the competition.

Benefits & Advantages

Return on investment

Siemens designed the G120X from the start to meet all current and upcoming national / international performance and product safety standards including the latest and most rigorous UL 61800-5-1 / CSA C22.2 No. 274 as well as the upcoming energy efficiency standard EN 50598-2 and IEC 61800-9-2.

Increased Productivity

The easy-to-read and easy-to-use color graphical keypad allows operators to know exactly what’s going on with their system — no training is needed.

Greater Transparency

SINAMICS G120X connects to existing third-party devices via integrated PROFINET and EtherNet / IP™. It also offers optional USS, Modbus RTU, BACnet MS / TP and PROFIBUS DP communication protocols.

Leading Technology

The compact and optimized design of SINAMICS G120X saves space and can be easily integrated into MCC
(Motor Control Center) plugin type buckets providing a space-optimized and cost-effective solution. Its advanced design allows the drive to work with any of today’s motors.

Application Examples


  • Water/wastewater
  • Irrigation/agriculture
  • Power plants: cooling water pumps or boiler feed pumps


  • Climate control/HVAC
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Power plants: forced or induced draft fans


  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial chillers

Key Features

  • Complete out of the box drive
  • Wide power & voltage ranges
  • Flexibility: can be operated with any motor
  • Dedicated pump & fan features such as multi-pump/staging, pump switchover, flying start, fire mode, pump jam
  • ECO saving mode ensures best performance & optimizes the output power
  • High resolution graphical color keypad for ease of use & simple start up

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