Banner Occupancy Solution Kit

Banner Occupancy Solution Kit

To help businesses adapt to social distancing requirements and care for their customers and employees, Banner Engineering has developed an end-to-end occupancy monitoring kit that makes it easy to monitor and control traffic in stores, offices, restrooms, cafeterias, and other enclosed spaces. Each kit provides a solution that is easy to deploy, adapts to area infrastructure, scales to meet changing needs, and collects long-term data for lasting business benefit.

  • Total Count models track the total number of occupants in a space as they enter or exit through one or more doors; Multiple Count models separately monitor the count of people in multiple spaces at a site, suitable for breakrooms, conference rooms, cafeterias, and more
  • Reliable, field-proven Sure Cross wireless architecture operates in the globally accepted 2.4 GHz frequency band or the long-range 900 MHz frequency band, depending upon model
  • Devices come preprogrammed for easy operation and seamless communication right out of the box – no need to configure or bind devices
  • Peel-and-stick installation and mounting brackets for rapid deployment
  • Free 90-day trial of prepaid Connected Data Solutions cloud software makes it easy to access, store, protect, and export data and provides powerful reporting and visualization tools so users can track trends and make better, data-driven decisions

Key Benefits

  • Integrates easily into any application, from simple single entry storefront to large buildings with multiple entry points
  • The Q45 sensor pair enables two-way directional detection of movement
  • Banner’s wireless technology simplifies installation, eliminating disruptive and time-consuming alterations to equipment or infrastructure.
  • The DXM wireless controller will collect data from each sensor, log the data, communicate status updates to the Direct Select operator interface.
  • Users define occupancy limits and visual statuses are provided based on those limits
  • Collected data provides powerful visualization and analysis tools to gain greater insight into business metrics and customer behavior
  • Kit includes everything needed to get an occupancy monitoring solution up and running quickly
  • Each kit comes with a wireless controller, a wireless Q45 directional detection sensor pair, a Direct Select wireless operator interface, a high-visibility indicator light, power supplies, mounting brackets
  • Each device is pre-configured and radios are pre-bound for out-of-box operation and simple, immediate peel-and-stick installation


The Occupancy Solution Kit was designed to integrate seamlessly into a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Factories or Warehouses
  • Shopping Malls
  • Campus buildings or classrooms
  • Restrooms, cafeterias, other common spaces

The Occupancy Kit is also available in two types: Total Count and Multiple Count, equipped for one, two, or four door applications.

  • Total Count kits monitor up to four doors with a single limit for the total number of people within a space, for use in applications such as large retail locations, lunchrooms, common spaces, etc.
  • Multiple Count kits monitor up to four doors, each with their own limit, for use in locker rooms, lab areas, restrooms, etc.

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