Real Time Locating Systems from Siemens

Real Time Locating Systems from Siemens

The COVID-19 public health emergency has created challenges for organizations in the area of workplace safety. Our partners at Siemens have developed solutions that help with a social distancing safety routine.

Real Time Locating Systems


Employee Safety

The top concern for many companies is how get their employees back to work in the safest possible way while putting mechanisms in place to ensure long-term success. What might that look like?

Safety concerns might include:
Ensuring appropriate social distancing.
Monitoring employee interactions.
Improving employee, union and executive confidence to accelerate plant start-ups.
How RTLS could help:
Using the employee wearable RTLS transponder, distances can be determined and safe social distancing can be maintained.
Contact tracing via the RTLS monitoring software, which maintains a history of employee movements. If an employee becomes sick, you can review their past interactions to determine who else they might have come into contact with so you can plan an appropriate response.
Creating and monitoring employee spatial interactions helps to minimize virus transmission.

Restarting Production

As many states start to open up their economies, there will be a natural rise in demand. This will require companies to ramp up production in a sustainable way. And that means making modifications.

Considerations for resuming production:
Ensuring production line changes are optimal.
Proper training for employees and the task they are performing.
Modifying shift change procedures to optimize production.
Using location data to make better decisions:

RTLS location information allows employee movements to be analyzed and optimized.
RTLS allows identification of an employee at a workstation and their training can be verified.
RTLS can monitor the movement of employees at shift change and optimize transitions.

Making Smart Investments

There is a great deal of uncertainty around what the next few months will look like and the ability to respond quickly and flexibly will be key. A RTLS solution provides benefits that go the distance.

Challenges beyond today:
Addressing COVID-19 recovery AND gaining future benefits.
Avoiding a large CAPEX.
Utilizing this new data with digital tools for future safety/production improvements.
RTLS is a smart investment:
Social distancing might be here to stay or it might not. RTLS infrastructure can be used for other tasks outside social distancing such as production control, asset tracking, WIP tracking, etc.
Employee monitoring could be reactivated if another health crisis occurs.
Siemens Finance offers financing to change the CAPEX into an OPEX.
Tools such as Production Digital Twin can utilize RTLS data to optimize processes and safety.

The Components



Gateways are fix reference points in the local infrastructure for real-time locating with an accuracy measured in centimeters. They record the transponder signals and give them a fixed position stamp. The positioning data is bundled and transmitted to the locating server.


Transponders are fitted to workpieces, robots, vehicles, etc., and transmit a wireless signal at defined intervals. They can also be equipped with data interfaces, and transmit location details directly to the local control system or make them accessible for higher-level systems.

Locating Manager

The Locating Manager is a software system that calculates the real-time position of the individual transponders and passes the details on to the higher-level systems via defined interfaces.

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