Pressure Switch with IO-Link from Turck

Pressure Switch with IO-Link from Turck

The PT1000/PT2000 Pressure Switches with IO-Link functionality and configurable switching outputs are now available from Turck. These rugged devices are built to withstand shock and changes in pressure and temperature as well as the added benefits of digital communication, including enhanced diagnostics and flexible parameter setting via IO-Link. Both variants are suitable for use in industrial pneumatic and hydraulic pressure measurement.

Features & Benefits

The PT1000/2000 Pressure switch with IO-link is ideal for controlling pressure in industrial environments. Built on the platform of our rugged pressure transmitters, these switches feature two switching outputs independently adjustable via IO-Link. Additionally I O-Link can be used to control the output state, switching behavior, and diagnostics as well as provide diagnostic information. The housings are made from 316 stainless to ensure durability while the measuring cell is ceramic or stainless steel depending on the pressure range selected.

Advanced Programming and Diagnostics with IO-Link

Standard process information such as pressure applied to the sensor and switching output conditions allow for flexible programming in the controller. Additionally, diagnostic data ensures simplified system troubleshooting.

Advanced diagnostic data includes:

  • Under/over pressure
  • High/low pressure memory
  • Short circuit
  • Low supply voltage
  • Over temperature
  • Device fault
  • Operating hours

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