FS+ Compact Flow Sensors from Turck

FS+ Compact Flow Sensors from Turck

Introducing the FS+ sensor, a line of programmable flow sensors that are used to monitor critical fluid flow and temperature conditions.  The FS+ is rated to IP69K. This new sensor features a rugged, rotatable stainless steel housing for a long service life, switching or analog outputs, and automatic detection of PNP/NPN signals for fast commissioning.  Since the FS+ monitors temperature and flow rate, they can be used in a much larger range of applications such as ensuring adequate coolant flow or run-dry protection.  Simple programming sequences make installation and use easy.

Key Benefits

The compact flow sensors of the FS+ series enable reliable and reproducible monitoring of liquid media. The sensors can be used in almost all industrial applications thanks to the modular mechanical concept. For the desired process connection a wide range of different process adapters is available.

  • Modular mechanical concept
  • Automatic signal detection
  • Delta Flow monitoring
  • Variable sensor orientation
  • Measurement of media temperature
  • Quick Teach option
  • Innovative operating concept
  • High protection class
  • IO-Link 1.1


Flow sensors are typically used for monitoring purposes in the following application areas:

  • Cooling circuits in welding applications
  • Dry-run protection of pumps
  • Cleaning process sequences

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