Level Detection in Vessels from Turck

Level Detection in Vessels from Turck

Especially in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, precise filling levels of the individual containers are important. To detect the fill level through the small openings of bottles, test tubes or tubes, manufacturers require small sensors with a focused detection range.

Key Features & Benefits

Turck’s RU10U-M08 miniature ultrasonic sensor is ideally suited for these and similar applications. The compact sensors in 8 mm design have the ideal dimensions for level control in containers with small openings. Immediately after filling, there is a short stop in filling systems. The sensor uses the moment after filling the vessel to check the filling level. For this purpose, it either gives a concrete measured value or switches when the filling level is within the specified switching window. Thanks to its small design, the sensor can “hear” the vessel optimally from above. Users can dispense with additional focusing aids that make the cleaning process difficult. The bottle or tube does not receive its cap until this control is positive.

  • The compact design of the M8 sensors allows installation in narrow spaces
  • Level detection independent of surface structure and color of the medium
  • Smooth sonic transducer front prevents contamination and deposition of particles
  • Reliable level measurement in small vessels

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