Turck Programmable HMI

Turck Programmable HMI

Turck has expanded the TX700 product series to include two variants for food and beverage applications (TX700FB) and two variants with brighter displays for better readability in sunlight (TX700HB – High Brightness), which allows customized solutions to customers with specific requirements. The FB devices are available as 7-inch and 15-inch models, while the HB versions are available as 7-inch and 10-inch models.

The well-known TX700 Premium Line is being expanded to include new products that meet specific requirements in the food and beverage sector, and in areas that require a higher display brightness. The internal hardware remains unchanged and thus ensures that the devices are still easy for users to operate, but the FB devices now feature a stainless steel front with polyester coating to comply with hygiene requirements in food and beverage plants.

Key Features & Benefits

TX700FB & TX700HB use Turck’s Codesys and TX VisuPro platforms. Both series have the same internal hardware as the standard TX700 line. This makes these FB&HB variants able to act as a visual PLC with Codesys for control and visualization, and optional TX VisuPro for more advanced graphics.

  • TX700FB devices have an IP69K stainless-steel front with polyester coating. This design meets strict requirements in the F&B industry.
  • TX700HB devices have better contrast and increased brightness. This (plus internal coated electronics) allows these devices to be used in outdoor applications.


Target applications include:

  • TX700FB – Food and Beverage plants and OEM’s.
  • TX700HB – Mobile equipment and plants with outdoor processes.

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