Turck RFID Solutions for Food & Beverage

Turck RFID Solutions for Food & Beverage

When your application demands the highest standards of cleanliness while still providing protection against constant washdowns, Turck offers IP rated hygienic automation solutions to get the job done.

Key Features & Benefits

Profit in several ways from RFID in the food production. The radio-based identification technology allows not only efficient production control but also easy traceability, increases the availability of means of production, productivity and safety. Moreover, all processes are reliably documented.

Advantage: Tailor-made for Food Applications

  • Comprehensive portfolio of application-optimized data carriers and read/write heads for the food industry
  • Resistant to cleaning operations
  • Tailor-made for typical food applications

Advantage: Track & Trace in the Food Production

  • Increased efficiency through seamless production control, quick batch changes, mixed production of different products
  • Lifetime management of the means of production provides an overview of volume, age and condition and allows timely ordering, precautionary check based on fixed cycles, or even removal in case of production problems
  • Traceability in the case of problems, such as contamination, pathogens or incorrectly labelled ingredients
  • Quality assurance by ensuring the cleaning cycles, monitoring of cooling and drying times, time stamp, as well as the simplified process documentation

Advantage: RFID vs. Optical Identification

  • Read and write without visual contact with significantly higher reading rate
  • Higher information content on the data carrier without a database connection
  • Protection against environmental influences such as pollution, ambient light, ice formation and condensation, mechanical damage or aggressive cleaning operations
  • Simultaneous detection of many transponders by pulk reading
  • Smaller footprint of transponders
  • Higher reading rate


Test Bottles
Candy Molds
Transport Trays

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