Banner WLS70 Sealed LED Strip Light

Banner WLS70 Sealed LED Strip Light

Banner’s WLS70 is a very bright LED luminaire that features an even light output and is designed for a wide variety of environments and applications, such as machine lighting, automation systems, inspection, and parking garage. The sealed WLS70 offers cascadable AC models in addition to its DC model. Its sturdy aluminum housing is encased in a shatterproof, UV-stabilized polycarbonate shell.

Key Benefits


Increase worker productivity and ergonomics with bright, high-quality, uniform light. The WLS70 is a high-efficacy strip light used for industrial work areas. AC models can be daisy-chained to power multiple lights and control intensity simultaneously via 0 V to 10 V. DC models also offer dimmable intensity with PWM. The uniform output of the WLS70 reduces shadows, improves visibility, and gives workers the light they need to work efficiently and without making mistakes. Utilize the WLS70’s 1350 lumens per foot with diffuse polycarbonate window to uniformly light target surfaces and show without hot spots. The bright, focused white light of the WLS70 improves worker productivity and has a low cost of ownership.


WLS70 is simple to install with quick disconnect options. Its sturdy aluminum housing encased in a shatterproof, polycarbonate shell makes it ideal for harsh indoor and outdoor applications. The WLS70 is available in lengths of 300 mm, 600 mm, 900 mm, or 1200 mm.


The WLS70 is exceptionally energy efficient for overall cost savings with over 140+ lumens/watt. Automatic temperature protection is built into the unit. If the WLS70 is used outside of the 50 ℃ spec, the light reduces output and dims to manage heat and protects product lifetime. Dimming is good for saving energy and workplace ergonomics. This rugged work light features rugged, waterproof, and dustproof IEC IP65-rated housing for use in challenging environments.


  • Machine light
  • Automation systems
  • Industrial automations
  • Wet and harsh environments
  • Railcar
  • Inspection
  • Dairy/poultry production

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