Banner K70 Battery Powered Touch Button

Banner K70 Battery Powered Touch Button

The Wireless K70 Touch Button combines the best of Banner’s popular touch button family with its reliable, field-proven, wireless architecture. This self-contained, battery-powered touch button can be remotely controlled, giving users a fully wireless solution. It features four colored LEDs—red, green, yellow, and blue—with additional colors through blending—magenta, cyan, and white.

Key Benefits


Wireless K70 Battery-Powered Touch Button is out of the box, backward compatible with existing K70 wireless touch button applications. It is available in 900 MHz and 2.4 GHz ISM Bands. The K70 features a variety of modes for simplified and reliable control. “Pick mode” provides instant feedback via a colored LED when a button is pressed or after being prompted. The device can be set to toggle, momentary, or latched. Single Register control model allows for faster light responses by sending a single command to turn lights on and off. The modes are dip switch selectable so simple operations like latch, momentary, and toggle modes can be changed without software.


This new battery-powered wireless touch button simplifies communication and provides status indication for call for parts and mobile workstation applications.  The high visibility Wireless K70 indicators are used to distinguish whether a station is calling or waiting. With the Call for Parts Kit, the DXM controller manages the system logic and controls the LEDs, turning the K70 green when pressed, yellow when a call is acknowledged, and gray when off to eliminate false indication; no additional programming is required.


The K70 Series is a rugged, cost-effective, and easy-to-install touch button with multicolor LEDs. These new K70’s come in water-resistant IP65 housing with UV-stabilized material. It is ergonomically designed to eliminate hand, wrist, and arm stresses associated with repeated switch operation. It offers many mounting options, is compatible with all existing M30 mounting brackets, and can be mounted on Banner’s pipe mounting brackets. The K70 is powered by a single 3.6V C Cell Battery; it does not require a power supply so it can be installed virtually anywhere.


  • Call for parts
  • Mobile workstations
  • Indication on AGVs
  • Machines that are frequently reconfigured or modular
  • Areas where remote indication is required with no access to power
  • Locations in which a push button is used, and power is not available

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