Turck Magnetic Encoders with I/O Link

Turck Magnetic Encoders with I/O Link

Turck’s portfolio of magnetic encoders now includes an IO-Link-enabled variant. These encoders require no batteries or gears to obtain multiturn absolute position and have configurable setpoints that can be programmed via IO-Link. The IP67-rated industrial line options include a singleturn absolute series and multiturn absolute series. The efficiency line offers a multiturn absolute series with IP64 rating. With its many options for rotational position feedback and angle feedback applications, Turck’s IO-Link magnetic encoders are suited for the material handling and packaging industries.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Configurations via IO-Link Parameters allow the customer to choose the best options for their application.
    • Resolution:
      • Single-turn: 14 bit scalable (default 14 bits)
      • Multi-turn: 32 bit scalable (default 14 single, 18 multi-turn)
    • Velocity feedback: 4000 RPM max.
    • Upper/lower control limits
    • Offset, Preset, lock/unlock device settings (see manual for full list of Parameters)
  • Wide Temperature range:
    • Efficiency line: -20…to +70°C
    • Industrial line: -40…to +85°C
  • Protection ratings:
    • Efficiency line: IP64
    • Industrial line: IP67


  • Food & packaging
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Anywhere rotational position feedback is needed

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