Banner Line Powered Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface

Banner Line Powered Direct Select Wireless Operator Interface

The new line-powered Direct Select™ Wireless Operator Interface expands the product family, adding more flexibility to solve the most complex applications. It reduces maintenance by eliminating battery changes when line power is readily available, and it removes worry of unplanned downtime due to battery failures. The operator interface provides two-way communication and operator guidance, letting users send and receive information, direct actions, track performance, and monitor equipment. The Direct Select is an ideal fit for call-for-parts applications.

Key Benefits


The line-powered unit allows for continuous usage without the worry of batteries going dead without warning, eliminating potential unplanned downtime, and it means one less task on your maintenance schedule. Line power also allows facilities to run brighter LEDs longer, which may be desirable in normal environments or required in dusty environments. And it enables operators to take better advantage of the various indication configurations without worrying about increasing the frequency of battery changes.


The Direct Select™ is a versatile operator interface that can send and receive requests, acknowledgements, and alerts, as well as provide quantity details, direct staff to a specific location, guide operators through a process, track performance, monitor assets and more.  Line-power means reduced maintenance tasks by eliminating battery changes when line power is readily available.


The Direct Select communicates over a robust wireless network. The wireless design of this device makes it easy to add an operator interface to any asset, machine, or piece of equipment. Use it as a panel meter for local monitoring of asset conditions, or communicate with operators on mobile equipment.


Monitor multiple machines, workstations, or processes with a single Direct Select operator interface. The eight-color indicator provides high-visibility alerts and status, and the LCD screen indicates location of the event. The system can even be configured to prioritize events so operators can resolve the most critical issues first. Communicate adjustments in quantity and other changes with the tactile buttons. Use the touch button to send confirmations and alerts.



The Direct Select Operator Interface is especially well-suited for call-for-parts applications. Line powered options offer additional flexibility for applications where power is available on a forklift or where a supervisor prefers a stationary line powered operator interface. Banner also offers a battery powered version of this node as part of its Call-for-Parts solution kit. This solution allows for up to 35 workstations to call out to 12 forklifts, supervisors, or mobile responders. The Call-for-Parts kit includes a K70 Touch Button, a DXM700 Wireless Controller, and a wireless Direct Select Operator Interface. It’s a self-contained solution that can run independent of a PLC, HMI, or other supervisory system.


  • Call-for-parts, pickup, or service
  • Operator guidance and assembly
  • Kitting, pick-to-light and put-to-light
  • Two-way communication on mobile equipment
  • Wireless Display for tank level, temperature, or pressure monitoring

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