Fortress Safety Valves

Fortress Safety Valves

Fortress Interlocks recently announced their entry into Fluid Power Safety products. This range of safety monitored valves and pressure sensors provide the highest level of safety in fluid power applications, up to and including PLe, SIL 3 and Category 4 requirements. This new range complements Fortress’ existing products providing more complete solutions in an even wider range of applications which use pneumatics and hydraulics to power machines.

Monitored Pneumatic Safety Valve

  • Easy installation via 4x M8 fixings from the rear
  • Easily serviceable: Fortress Fluidsentry valves can be easily serviced and replaced
  • Cross-Linked Dual Exhaust: Exhaust existing upstream pneumatic pressure with redundancy
  • Dual Monitoring: Safety Redundancy to achieve up to a Cat. 4 PLe System. Cat 2. systems available
  • Fault Avoidance: Redundant Safety Feedback circumvents faults due to contamination using the redundant feedback source

Pneumatic Zero Pressure Monitor

  • Robust steel or aluminum enclosure
  • Easy installation via 4x M8 fixings from the rear
  • High pressure up to 340 bar
  • Dual monitoring: safety redundancy to achieve up to a Cat. 4 PLe system
  • Dual M12 connectors available with a Y splitter for easy installation

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