Banner RGB Programmable Indicators

Banner RGB Programmable Indicators

Reduce inventory expenses and eliminate lengthy lead times on indicators and touch buttons. Programmable RGB devices can be customized in the field to meet the needs of any application.

Banner’s Pro Editor software allows users to program device status, colors and animations for control via three discrete inputs. The application-based interface makes it easy to configure a light for a wide range of applications such as displaying machine warm-up time, indicating unique steps in an assembly process, showing distance and position information and communicating multiple machine states.

This solution is ideal for those who don’t have IO-Link, but who want more control and customization than a standard indicator. 

Key Features & Benefits

Give your machines a voice: More color and animation options allow for more intuitive indication in the visual factory. For example, use a 2-color (or 50/50) rotate animation to show machine warmup time so operators can clearly identify when the machine is ready for use. In addition, distinct colors can help users quickly identify error information. OEMs can also use color to reinforce their brand and add a unique look to their machines.

Gain control of your supply chain: Programmable RGB indicators make supply chains more efficient by allowing you to standardize on one model of indicators that can be customized as needed. This saves inventory costs for end users and OEMs alike. The Pro Editor software makes it easy to save and load configuration files onto the device.

Customize indication without additional lead time: Modify indication as needed without additional lead times. Choose from a wide variety of colors and animations to match process requirements, and preview settings on the device before deployment. To change settings, simply reprogram the device.

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