Banner Wireless Call for Parts

Banner Wireless Call for Parts

The Wireless Call for Parts Kit is a productivity solution that reduces communication inefficiencies and increases process speeds using wireless touch buttons and operator interfaces. This solution allows for up to 35 workstations to call out to 12 forklifts/mobile responders using wireless K70 Touch Buttons, a DXM700 wireless controller, and wireless Direct Select Operator Interfaces. A self-contained solution that can run independent of a PLC, HMI, or other supervisory system.

Key Features & Benefits


By creating a call system using wireless indicators, workstations maintain a steady workflow and resolve critical issues quickly. Reduce transportation times with the use of battery powered wireless displays that direct mobile responders where to go when they are most needed. Reduce wait times for materials and for finished goods to be removed by enabling operators with wireless call buttons at their stations for simple requesting. Use efficiency metrics to accelerate problem resolution and gain further insights into your production processes.


The Call for Parts Kit simplifies communication between operators and mobile responders by delivering a clear display of what locations need help. High visibility LED indicators are used to distinguish whether a station is calling or waiting.  Service calls are stored in a dynamic queue, directing mobile responders to the callers that have been waiting the longest first. Communication between operators and mobile responders to identify and resolve machine, work cell, quality, or inventory issues, can be solved with simple setup and no changes to infrastructure.



Banner’s wireless Call for Parts Kit allows supervisors to make data-driven decisions to streamline operations. This solution tracks the total time of requests, number of requests, and total time to acknowledge requests, allowing analysis of average delivery and acknowledgement times for each station. Alerts help supervisors to schedule additional mobile responders when necessary. This system provides the information necessary to react quickly to workstation requests and drive efficiency improvements based on data that was previously unavailable. Systems can be monitored remotely through a Cloud Webserver via a LAN or cellular connection, or locally with the use of an HMI or PLC for viewing dashboards, generating alerts, and logging data.


  • Call for parts/delivery of raw materials
  • Call for service/maintenance/quality
  • Call for pickup of finished goods
  • Warehouse truck loading and unloading

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