Turck RFID Sensors

Turck RFID Sensors

Turnkey RFID Gate, RFID modules with I/O, rugged hand-held scanners, innovative services and much more.

  • Gain Better Visibility
    Optimize inventory tracking with RFID for better visibility and faster scanning of inbound and outbound goods. You’ll reduce downtime and costs when you can quickly and accurately track inventory.
  • Implement Compliance Tracking
    In the US, government regulations are driving manufacturers to be able to track products to stay compliant, especially in the pharma and food industries. RFID technology from Turck can be used to track ingredients, products and parts through manufacturing and logistics processes.
  • Enhance Series Production
    Assembly line production such as in the automotive industry and Tier 1 manufacturing is characterized by producing a series or batch of similar products or products on a mixed line. Source tagging individual items from suppliers with RFID enables improved error proofing for operators. RFID helps ensure the correct part is installed on the correct vehicle.

Key Features & Benefits

Benefits of RFID

There are many benefits of implementing RFID solutions in your factory or warehouse. Here are just a few:

  • Gain visibility to inventory in real time
  • Enhance series/batch production control
  • Eliminate line of site problems
  • Identify multiple objects at the same time
  • Reduce inventory errors and stock outs
  • Optimize product flow in manufacturing
  • Improve asset tracking

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