Siemens SIMATIC Real Time Locating System

Siemens SIMATIC Real Time Locating System

One technology. Infinite options.

Discover SIMATIC RTLS by Siemens – a scalable locating system specifically designed for industrial applications. Reduce your search time and optimize your material flow with dynamic, real-time locating data for each and every relevant asset in your production. With SIMATIC RTLS, you are free to implement your individual digitalization strategy – and accelerate your business transformation in production and logistics.

The system
A seamless, precise, and complete locating solution

As the world’s industrial plants modernize with more and more digitalization and automation, an increasingly critical question is emerging about their assets used in production and logistics: “What’s where, when?” And, even more importantly, in terms of worker safety, is this: “Who’s where, when?” SIMATIC RTLS technology can seamlessly locate all physical objects and personnel – workpieces, tools, even vehicles or robots – in real-time and within inches, whether at rest or in motion! SIMATIC RTLS can also feed data into higher-level MES and ERP systems for issuing alerts, alarms, or commands. Plant and logistics operators can use RTLS data to increase efficiency, visibility, and safety. At the same time, it can complete the picture of digital twins for production processes by providing dynamic location data in real-time.

SIMATIC RTLS in Practical Use

Forklift Location

  • Monitor and control your forklifts in all warehouse and production locations
  • Optimize forklift routes, so you can make more efficient use of human and material resources
  • Minimize construction work, save time, and curb costs
  • Automatically document stock placements and thus reduce searching activities
  • Optimize travel routes and material flows based on movement data and downtimes, and create space-optimized warehouse structures

Material Flow

  • Monitor freely moving material and thus implement flexible production plans
  • Structure material flows more transparently, control processes more efficiently, and respond more quickly to short-term influences
  • Identify causes of errors in production and retrospectively trace associated product defects
  • Locate materials in the factory premises without spending time looking for them
  • Dynamically organize production plans based on actual material availability
  • Observe all regulations on automatically documenting the product creation process

The Components

gateways—simatic-rtls (1)


Gateways are fix reference points in the local infrastructure for real-time locating with an accuracy measured in centimeters. They record the transponder signals and give them a fixed position stamp. The positioning data is bundled and transmitted to the locating server.
simatic-rtls-transponder-group-1920×1080-grey (1)


Transponders are fitted to workpieces, robots, vehicles, etc., and transmit a wireless signal at defined intervals. They can also be equipped with data interfaces, and transmit location details directly to the local control system or make them accessible for higher-level systems
simatic-rtls-locating-manager-1920×1080-grey (1)

Locating Manager

The Locating Manager is a software system that calculates the real-time position of the individual transponders and passes the details on to the higher-level systems via defined interfaces.

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