Turck Minifast Connectivity Solutions

Turck Minifast Connectivity Solutions

Turck has introduced a family of Minifast connectivity solutions that are Class II, Division 2 certified for use with combustible dust. Solutions include junction boxes, cordsets, and receptacles for installation in Class II, Division 2 areas where combustible dust is present. New certifications open additional applications and provide greater peace of mind.

Combustible dust particles can be generated in a wide range of industries including manufacturing, processing or storage and handling. Dust particles can increase the risk of an explosion when a potential source of ignition is also present. Many common materials can become combustible when in powder form such as metal, plastic, grain, sugar, chemicals and many others.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce installation and commissioning time
  • Consolidate signals using instrument receptacles, drop cords, junction boxes and homerun cordsets
  • Get superior chemical resistance and flexibility due to UL and CSA certified cables with premium insulation
  • Choose from stainless steel or nickel-plated brass hardware
  • Reduce overall costs and down time repairs
  • Eliminate conduit/fittings and the potential for water/condensation buildup
  • Eliminate poured seals

To learn more about the Minifast Line & , solutions to prevent combustible dust explosions, download the Process Wiring for Combustible Dust Applications brochure.

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