Banner E-stop Buttons with ISD Technology

Banner E-stop Buttons with ISD Technology

Banner Engineering’s offerings of 360-degree illuminated E-Stop buttons are now available with In-Series Diagnostics (ISD) technology, giving you access to device-level data and making it even easier to troubleshoot when a button is activated. These easy-to-install buttons come in a variety of model types to fit seamlessly into your application. The innovative, next-generation ISD technology supports up to 32 devices in a single chain and makes it easy to identify which E-stop button was pressed and resolve the issue in a safe, timely manner.

Key Features & Benefits


Eliminate the time, hassle, and expense of running designated cabling between each device and the control panel in order to collect diagnostic data. In-Series Diagnostics runs through up to 32 devices on a single 4-pin cable to the control panel, with only two wires run to the controller and two others for power. Users can easily add, move, or remove devices at any stage of a machine’s lifecycle by simply updating the configuration in the software and implementing the changes indicated in the wiring diagram. The one-piece design with M12 connection of the E-stop buttons further simplifies installation, especially when deploying multiple buttons in a system.


Data is collected from up to 32 compatible devices in each In-Series Diagnostic chain. Using an HMI or similar device, users can view the status and location of each device and drill into the data to determine the unique tag value, internal temperature, voltage, and other device-level details. System alerts notify staff if a monitored door has been opened, an E-Stop button pressed, or any other critical event has occurred.


Up to 32 In-Series Diagnostic devices connected in series achieve up to Category 4, PL e, or SIL CL 3 safety ratings. Outputs on each device are continuously monitored to detect any faults, including short circuits. This design eliminates the possibility of fault masking at any point in the system. The Illuminated E-Stop with ISD is the latest member of the ISD family of products, which includes RFID door switches and the SC10 Hybrid Relay/Controller.


In-Series Diagnostics provides easy access to device-level data that can be used to prevent potential problems and quickly correct issues that stop operations. Using an HMI or similar device, staff can view the status and location of each device and drill into the data to determine system health and performance. The system can even be configured to alert, direct, and instruct staff when a critical event occurs to get equipment back up and running as soon as possible. For example, a low voltage reading will cause an alert that indicates which device has a power supply failure or wiring issue that can be diagnosed before it results in unplanned downtime.

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