Fortress tGard Applications

Fortress tGard Applications

Need to keep operators safe while inside the safeguarded space from unexpected restart, with multiple door entry? Power isolation of machinery needs to happen at control panel? Consider the tGard from Fortress Safety, configurable access & control for machine guarding.

  • tGard is a compact metal bodied system that enables the configuration of various safety products including electrical safety gate switches (with or without guard locking), mechanical trapped key interlocks, and electrical operator controls either as separate devices or any combination of these three functions in one unit.
  • tGard offers “a customized safety solution, as standard”. Each order is defined by a range of tGard elements that include selector switches, safety switches (solenoid and non-solenoid), personnel keys, emergency release, pushbuttons, E-Stops, indicator lamps and a choice of operating handles for both hinged and sliding guard doors.
  • tGard’s metal body includes through-holes for quick installation on aluminium profiles, flat surfaces, doors and even back of panels without the need for mounting plates.
  • It is IP65 as standard and has been designed to be fully compliant with the machinery safety standards.


Robot Pallet Stacker

Robot disabled by Power-to-Lock solenoid at control panel. Only when power is isolated access keys are released for access at mechanical only interlocks at the entry points. Interlocks allows access into the safeguarded space with a personnel key to protect operators and prevent unexpected restart.

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