Turck Customizable Safety I/O Modules

Turck Customizable Safety I/O Modules

Turck’s TBPN and TBIP hybrid safety block I/O modules combine standard and safety inputs/outputs in a single device. This enables the IP65/IP67/IP69K hybrid modules to be adapted flexibly to the actual signal requirements of your machine. The modules can operate with external safety PLCs or also as a standalone remote safety controller.

Key Features & Benefits

Easy installation and startup

  • Configuration of the safety features via graphical software tool
  • Web server simplifies commissioning and diagnostics
  • Integrated Ethernet switch enables a linear topology installation

Robust design enables use in harsh industrial environments

  • Fully epoxy encapsulated housing for protection of module electronics
  • High degrees of protection: IP65/IP67/IP69K
  • Extended operating temperature range -40…+70 °C (-40…+85 °C storage)


  • Simple and rapid implementation in your automation system
  • Extensive diagnostic functions
  • Possibility to preconfigure the safety functions within the module
  • Reduction of I/O devices necessary by combining safety and general purpose I/O in a single device
  • Flexible I/O combination supported by configurable input/output points and IO-Link
  • Reduced safety wiring complexity due to availability of customized cordset products
  • Extremely robust block I/O modules
  • Wide application suitability given large temperature range from -40…70 °C
  • High degrees of protection to IP65/IP67/IP69K enables direct ‘on-machine’ mounting
  • Removable memory stick for simple device replacement

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