Banner Programmable RGB Tower Lights

Banner Programmable RGB Tower Lights

TL50 Pro Select is the newest addition to Banner’s 50mm tower light portfolio. These 3 or 4 segment tower lights are rugged, versatile and easy to install. They enable intuitive configuration with the Pro Editor software or IO-Link compatibility. Lighted segments stand out to provide easy-to-see operator guidance and indication of equipment status. For additional annunciation, models are available with an omnidirectional audible alarm.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Color, wiring, and animation options allow for more intuitive indication in the visual factory
  • Gain control of your supply chain and delivery through model standardization
  • Display advanced functions like level, time, and count without advanced programming

Tower light devices have been a traditionally reliable way to communicate machine and process statuses. With conditions in the factory becoming more complex the need to support many variations of tower lights to effectively communicate information intuitively has become more important than ever. The Pro Editor software with Pro ID is a way to easily simplify these variations by enabling users to create unique identifiers for each device configuration. The Pro ID from Pro Editor allows for universal identification, device labeling, easier tracking, and simple replacement all from a short list of readily available models. Take advantage of a device that is as versatile as the TL50 Pro Select, with the power of the Pro ID from Pro Editor.


Banner Engineering’s TL50 Pro Select tower lights utilize bright, multicolor RGB LEDs that enable customized indication possibilities, including color, flash, rotation, and light intensity. With the free Pro Editor software users can access up to fourteen different colors and unique animations that attract attention and effectively communicate status. Pro Editor compatible models utilize an intuitive software interface to enable hundreds of unique colors and wiring variations, for control via discrete inputs. Communication is easy-to-see and understand, even in busy industrial environments. From simple to complex indication requirements, the vast color and animation capabilities offered by these tower lights provide users with an almost limitless range of display options to solve almost any application.


IO-Link models allow for dynamic control and have additional capabilities that discrete units do not. IO-Link enables users to change device parameters from the control system as needed, such as during product changeover, which reduces downtime and allows machines to accommodate greater product diversity. These models offer unique LED color control to provide advanced users with total control. Take advantage of standardized and reduced wiring, increased data availability, remote configuration and monitoring, simple device replacement, and advanced diagnostics with the TL50 Pro Select with IO-Link.


  • Intuitive material handling equipment status
  • Operator guidance and indication
  • At-a-glance material Level
  • Supply chain simplification
  • Display critical process statuses
  • Show time elapsed, level, temperature, position, angle, or other “analog” type signals

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