Turck PS+ Programmable Pressure Sensors

Turck PS+ Programmable Pressure Sensors

PS+ Pressure Sensor Offers Improved Pneumatic & Hydraulic Measurement

Turck introduces the PS+ series of rugged programmable pressure sensors. The PS+ is used to measure pneumatic or hydraulic pressure.  The sensor shows the measured pressure on an integrated multi-color display while the outputs communicate critical process information to a control system. 

The PS+ pressure sensors offer IO-Link capability for added functionality, auto-detect outputs, and a 340-degree rotatable sensor head to ensure simplified installation and commissioning. It also offers a stainless steel housing and measuring cell for maximum ruggedness. A large selection of process connections are available.

After the sensor is connected, it automatically registers whether the controller or the bus module requires a PNP or NPN, current or voltage signal. A compatibility mode is also provided for the integration in IO-Link systems. The operator interface with capacitive touchpads and a multi-color display enables settings to be carried out quickly is protected by a lock mechanism from accidental operation.
The hermetically sealed keypad ensures greater resistance to dirt and liquids, so that the sensors meet the requirements of ISO protection to IP6K6K, IP6K7 and IP6K9K. The PS+ Series is designed for pressure ranges up to 600 bar/8,702 psi relative pressure. It is available with proven ceramic measuring cells (PS310), in addition to metal measuring cells (PS510). The latter devices come with an overpressure resistance of up to seven times the nominal pressure. The sensors can optionally be fitted with peak pressure restrictors.

Controlling Hydraulic Pressure

Pressure sensors monitor the hydraulic pressure in presses. If an overpressure occurs due to a forming defect, this is detected immediately and reported to the controller. The PS+ series of intuitively operable sensors not only features high overpressure resistance but can also withstand the vibrations in pressing plants. Eliminating the need for a fully potted design means that the pressure sensors are light and therefore have a low resonance mass. Another feature also helps to prevent failures: Users can read out minimum and maximum pressures via IO-Link.

Monitoring the Supply of Cooling Lubricant

To ensure minimum wear on machine tool equipment, the cooling lubricant supply pressure must be properly monitored. One of the challenges in this application is the heavy shock and vibrations potential that can impact the reliability of the pressure sensor. Turck has taken these kinds of stresses into account in the development of the PS+ series and offers the pressure sensors of the PS510 series with a fully welded metal measuring cell as well as an optional pressure peak aperture. The multi-color display provides optimum indication of any deviations from the set pressure value.

Measuring Process Pressure on Scissor Lifts

Hydraulic scissor lifts for lifting and positioning heavy workpieces place demanding requirements on the pressure sensors of the hydraulic cylinders: Pressures of up to 400 bar can occur at the beginning of the lift. Turck’s robust pressure sensors of the PS+ series come with a metal measuring cell (PS510), offering an overpressure resistance of up to seven times the nominal pressure. The sensors also offer protection from accidental operating errors. This is implemented with the locking mechanism and password function.