Banner SX5-B6 Safety Laser Scanner

Banner SX5-B6 Safety Laser Scanner

Key Features & Benefits

The SX5-B6 laser scanner is designed to operate as a single unit. It’s compact, durable, and easy to deploy for area and access guarding. Its 275° field of view makes it extremely versatile for protecting safety zones, whether they might be floor areas or vertical planes.

The SX5-B6 safety laser scanner is versatile, with five different available detection resolutions (30, 40, 50, 70, or 150 mm). With easy-to-use software, it can be configured to detect or ignore objects of various sizes. For example, if operator hands or arms pass into a detection zone near a potential hazard, a safety response can be triggered immediately to prevent injury. Conversely, the sensor features Partial Dynamic Muting to allow safe passage of parts within a given size range. The operating temperature range of the scanner has been extended for applications in environments with temperatures as low as -‍10°C. The SX5-B6 also features External Device Monitoring (EDM) to ensure that external contactors controlled by the safety module outputs are able to interrupt the safety circuit.

The SX5-B6 is ruggedly built, immune to ambient light, and resistant to dust. Repair of scratched windows can be performed easily in the field with the new replaceable window feature. This reduces downtime as well as replacement unit cost. Anti-static cleaning kits are also available to prevent scratches as laser scanners are very sensitive to cleaning agents and materials on the lens.


  • Safeguarding work areas, including robot weld cells
  • Safeguarding conveyors
  • Safeguarding corners of walls or equipment
  • Zone switching for forklift access
  • AVG navigation and safety

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