Banner Q45 Differential Pressure Sensor

Banner Q45 Differential Pressure Sensor

Banner introduces an additional sensor to its Q45 family, increasing the amount of model types within the series and broadening the applications that can be monitored.

The Q45DPSD Differential Pressure Sensor continues to build upon the line of sensors compatible with Banner’s wireless network, and lets users monitor an additional application.

Each Q45 sensor includes Banner’s reliable, field-proven wireless architecture and sensing transducers, eliminating the need to order multiple components.

Key Features & Benefits

The Wireless Q45DPSD Differential Pressure Sensor measures the differential between the high and low side of a pneumatic system, such as air flow through a filter. And it transmits the data to a wireless DXM Controller or Performance Gateway, for remote monitoring of critical systems. Along with the pressure transducer, the Q45DPSD includes installation tubing as well as an industrial wireless transmitter, reducing the need to purchase multiple components. The Q45DPSD is easily deployed, simplifying installation on existing equipment to enable use in remote locations.

All sensors in the Q45 series are compatible with Banner’s SmartSolutions™ Expansion Kit. The kit is a predictive maintenance solution that allows asset and process managers to expand monitoring systems by adding up to 40 sensors. The kit gathers data from any point in production and helps handle challenges via online dashboard and visualization tools. The software automatically generates configurable alarm thresholds and stores historical data, allowing users to analyze machine performance over time and make better-informed decisions.


The Q45DPSD is used to measure the difference in airflow between intake and exit to make decisions on preventive maintenance and to maximize efficiency of industrial equipment. Applications include:

  • Predictive maintenance of HVAC air filters
  • Quality control for volumetric flow measurement
  • HVAC system efficiency with channel pressure monitoring
  • Environmental comfort / Air pressure verification
  • Clean rooms, Laboratory rooms, and hospitals
  • Predictive maintenance of dust collector filters
  • Efficient baghouse operation
  • Fume-hood ventilation monitoring
  • High-sensitivity flow-based applications

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